Kaiwaka Marae Raranga Wananga Evaluation Socially
Marae activity is that of ambidextrous significance one is able to do more than one activity at a time e.g.  listen to music while studying, or work etc.  Working with a group of learners was pleasurable, hearteous laughter’s, bubble conversations and waiata of old new hence greatly aids relaxation, physically and mentally to a harmonious atmosphere. In the kitchen the cooks would grace you with kindness , offering you a variety of appetising food – healthy salads and fruit etc , just enough with out indulgence – however the significance here were the children helpers , they performed their kitchen duties in an etiquette manner , they showed delight and enthusiasm in washing dishes instantly in an admirable fashion. Co-ordinator “Mr Wolf”
One who in my opinion holds the fort with dominance e.g. morning tea, lunch, etc is one call obedience is exactly that.  He welcomes one with a smile and beyond that a surprisingly bent sense of humour.  He meanders amongst the learners , majority being women which i think he enjoys , pertains a golden flare despite the wolf like manner at times but  most importantly our well being is his pathway to our successful achievement . Competent learning
Companionship played a major part in claming my stress during my mahi, challenge - where my wrongs put me in despair hence this can mean that the ongoing activity will engage those learners who have not had a positive or successful learning experience to continue and motivate them to continue learning. Motivation
The power tool here is goal setting with focus on what can be achieved (my kete, and more).  Achievement from observation, concentration in a learning and harmonious atmosphere. Spiritually
Gives a sense of purpose, increase our sense of belief.  A meaningful occasion blending and tailoring our interests and challenge total focus. Conduction 
I am here to learn 

  • how to think;
  • how to achieve; and
  • how to make a difference

Personally, to be here as somebody, to do something and to embrace what I have learnt and forever retain.       

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